On eBay marketplace appeared a rare prototype of the first-generation iPhone, made sure AppleInsider.ru. The seller claims that this is one of the earliest models, which were manually collected in Cupertino in 2006. By the time of publication the cost of the device exceeded $ 12,000.

Like all prototypes, this copy has some differences from the commercial model.

Prototype differences from the original iPhone

First, a total of 144,5 grams vs. 135 — the original smartphone, which many had the good fortune to use more than 10 years ago. The difference in weight may be associated with the use of the prototype components, which for some reason was abandoned in the final version of the device.

Secondly, on the back of the iPhone is engraved with the designation of the prototype version, the supported interfaces and the GSM frequencies.

Thirdly, the toggle switch activate silent mode here is much larger, and it also bears the icon of a bell, which also declined in the commercial version.

And finally, fourth, this prototype works on the basis of the test software platform, have little in common with the release build of iPhoneOS. There is no guarantee that it will allow to use the device as a phone is likely to take only test functions.

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