On his Twitter page cyber safety specialist iBSparkes reported on the creation of exploit tfp0 for iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro less than three minutes. However, no details of the intriguing new smartphones, the hacker is not voiced.

delivery -> tfp0 in under 3 minutes pic.twitter.com/9677B3rjpK

— sparkey (@iBSparkes) September 20, 2019

On creating jailbreak for iOS 13 information yet. It is not excluded that the identified vulnerability will be eliminated in iOS 13.1. While hackers do not rule out that iBSparkes can sell information about the hacking of the iPhone 11 or Apple, or others interested in such information to others.

Recall, the iPhone 11 and version used new, more secure A13 processor Bionic and Apple promised that iOS 13 will be better protected than the previous version of the operating system. While iOS 13 released with a record number of flaws.

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