Complain many.

IOS 12 new problem. Users of various models of the iPhone have reported that their smartphones are slow or unstable Wi-Fi and LTE. The problem is even released last week, iOS 12.1 and no solution at the moment is not found.

Initially about problems with connecting to Wi-Fi and LTE mass said the owners of the new iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone. However, in recent weeks they were joined by users and other iPhone models, which also noticed the wrong job wireless connections.

In the Wi-Fi and LTE, there are a variety of ways. The most common problem is related to the loss of signal LTE is to restore which is obtained only after restarting the iPhone. Before this smartphone works over 3G, regardless of whether the user is in range of a 4G or not. In addition, quite often already known Wi-Fi network stop working and begin to demand re-enter password. Compounding the situation is that when user enter the password, the network is not activated immediately, but only after a long download.

According to numerous reviews, such problems manifest themselves on iOS 12.1, and the first beta version of iOS 12.1.1. Thus, even in the latest versions of iOS 12 the problem is not resolved. Given that negative reviews really much, it is expected that Apple knows about the problem and prepares the decision.


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