Now on iPhone, iPod and the Mac to sleep.

Steve jobs was very proud of the iMac computer 3G, the founder of Apple even hugged him on one of the pictures published in the newspaper Newsweek in 1998. Only, you see, to embrace the plastic is not very nice, but with a soft toy or pillow completely.

Apparently, with this purpose, the company Throwboy has launched a fundraiser to create a collection of pillows in a variety of Apple devices. Among them, the first-generation iPhone, the first iPod, iMac 3G, Macintosh, and even Apple I. Well, or is this some sort of computer congratulation with the anniversary.

The company wanted to raise $ 10,000 for the month, but has already gathered nearly 24,000 dollars.

According to representatives of Throwboy, all the cushions are made of high quality plush, the logo will be embroidered on wool. Also the creators of the startup promised to pay special attention to quality, and also noted that the pillows will be sold in limited quantities and will get not all.

Throwboy is not the first time offers a similar decision to his fans. The company has already released a series of soft toys and pillows with symbols of popular social networks, Emoji and other symbols of the modern Internet.

To join the project and order a mite in the form of the first iPhone at this link.


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