The acting Governor of the Altai Republic Oleg Khorokhordin said that the government will help to develop the application with which the keyboard of Apple gadgets will appear in the Altai language. It is known that Altai is now the keyboard can be installed on the gadgets operating system Windows, macOS, Linux and Android. However, the Altai developers had not yet reached the OP iOS. On the OP work with gadgets such as iPhone and iPad.

As noted, “NGA”, a new development will provide impetus for further production of software products for altuistic and Turkic studies, and will help people to study the Altai language.

Previously “FederalPress” wrote analyst firm Cowen found out that Apple will be the main beneficiary of the sanctions against Huawei. Thus, the American company has increased production of the iPhone to benefit from the trade war between China and the US. It is noted that the production increased up to 40 million devices in the quarter (it ends in June). To increase the number of smartphones for sale was 39 million.


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