If you believe the rumors, iOS 13 will bring many new features and capabilities, specially created for iPad. It includes improved multitasking, some changes in the interface, mouse support, etc. However, in anticipation of WWDC 2019, sources told the network about an important innovation, which iPad owners are waiting since the release of Apple tablet.

According to reports, Apple may finally add iPad on a regular calculator. It is unknown why the cupertinos have added a calculator app on your first tablet. There is a version that the utility rejected personally by Steve jobs as the design of the program was not redesigned for the large display. Later iPad branded version of the calculator did not appear on the iPad, and users started to download from the App Store third-party solutions.

According to the latest rumors, the iOS 13 the situation will change on the iPad will be branded calculator. Sources say that the probability is very high. But for sure it was announced just tonight.

Recall that in the framework of the forthcoming event Apple is expected to show not only new versions of their operating systems, but a number of “iron” novelties. It is possible that among the last will be the long-awaited modular Mac Pro.


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