The iPhone XS will be decorated with the words of Alexander Nevsky and Alexander Suvorov. To complement the American gadget of the Russian national motives decided the brand of Caviar. The changes will affect the line of Imperia.

According to “Vladam”, the company decided to remind Russians about the glorious history of their ancestors. The words of Prince Alexander Nevsky and Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov on the gadgets, according to representatives of the Caviar will be “to support Russian citizens in anticipation of the New year.” To devote a series of smartphones, the Russians were solved after unflattering statements of the Western countries against Moscow.

In addition, the novelty will be the emblem of the Russian Empire. All Patriotic citizens will present two versions: the first dark onyx combines with gold coating and the inscription “Who with a sword to us will come from him and die”. The second model is trimmed in black leather and decorated with words of Suvorov: “We are Russians — God with us”.

Brand Caviar decorates the flagship gadgets of precious stones and equips the device with images of Russian politicians. The company has already released smartphones with a portrait of Vladimir Putin and Joseph Stalin.

Earlier, the “Free press” reported that Apple is going to reissue the budget iPhone SE 2, adding several new features. Thus the gadget will be the most budgetary model from the “innovations” Apple and will help to raise the sales of “Apple” products.

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