In 2019, the company “the Asset” begins mass production of tokens with built-in USB Type-C. In the computer industry USB-C is a new trend, because it not only has a new charging connector, but also the talent of a large set of specific ports in favor of one universal connector.

Rutoken of ETSP and Rutoken 2.0 digital signature PKI tokens with the first connector USB Type-C on the Russian market of authentication and electronic signature.

Rutoken USB Type-C do an excellent job with its traditional tasks: Rutoken EDS 2.0 securely stores and signed by a qualified electronic signature, and Rutoken EDS PKI solves the problems of password protection, protect documents and remote access to the corporate environment.

Rutoken digital signature with USB Type-C are connected without any adapter or USB hub to the iMac and Mac mini last gen, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook, as well as other tablets, smartphones and laptops other manufacturers, equipped with a connector USB Type-C or Thunderbolt 3 (except the Apple iPad Pro 2018).

Rutoken EDS 2.0 — certified by the FSB and FSTEC range of devices for submission of reports, participation in tenders, management of electronic document with the state, confirmation of the purchase and sale of alcoholic products in Single state automated information system (USAIS), online check-in-desks and many other applications.

Rutoken EDS PKI — line cryptographic token support international and domestic cryptography and high-speed implementation of RSA algorithm for strong two-factor authentication, protecting remote access and VPN, signing email and documents in CRM.

Rutoken EDS PKI compatible and successfully working in conjunction with the solutions of world vendors of enterprise solutions. With Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, VMWare, Checkpoint, SAP, 1C, and several other companies supported and developed long-term partnerships, and a list constantly growing.

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