On the streets of Dresden on Friday, August 30, was seen a car Apple, photographing the countryside. Apple explained that the vehicles collect data to Refine maps in Apple Maps. In the future these images are also planned to be used in a new mobile application Look Around. Radio Dresden learned that the surveys of roads, road signs, markings and buildings of Germany is scheduled for completion by the end of the year. Earlier cameramobile Apple has already been seen on the streets and roads of great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Slovenia.

New application Look Around Apple’s conceived as a competitor to the popular service Street View from Google. With its help, users are able to take a virtual travel in three-dimensional space, identical to the real. The new service is scheduled to launch in test mode for some areas of San Francisco (USA) this fall.

Thomas Kranig (Thomas Kranig), head of the Department of data protection of Bavaria, stressed that in the case that Apple will launch its new app in Germany, it needs to be able to challenge that appears in public access information, as implemented in Google Street View.

Apple representatives were assured that the leak of personal data can not occur, as all the pictures of the cars coming to the Apple server is encrypted, and the key to encryption is the only Apple. In addition, all persons and numbers automatically pixelarts, as in Street View. Those who still feared that his image got in the database Apple, if you want to write a statement about deleting photos, you need to specify the approximate time and place of shooting.

In addition to cameras, the Apple car is equipped with laser radars that scan the environment. The device, known as Lidar, are used, in particular, for unmanned aerial vehicles.

In 2010, when it launched Google Street View in Germany was a scandal involving personal data. The Germans demanded to zapaccelerate in pictures not only persons, but also the facades of the houses. In service to this day, there are numerous gaps in information about German cities.

By the way, a recent study of Americans showed that drones Apple has been the most unreliable on the road, but the car Waymo was able to drive without human intervention, about 18 thousand kilometers.

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