While the staff only prepared to iFixit disassembled the new Apple devices, the authors Youtube channel and DChannel has published a short video in which they almost completely disassembled the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Despite the fact that the movie itself has a modest length (just over 2 minutes), it allows to evaluate some technical solutions and to see how much the new Apple smartphone is different from the iPhone Xs Max.

In General, the differences are many. For example, the motherboard was rectangular, due to which now takes up less space. Changed battery. It has roughly the same L-shaped. However, in iPhone 11 Pro Max battery consists of two cells, and one. In addition, the battery became thicker and heavier. Also in the video, visible differences in the module main camera and camera TrueDepth. Design the last few reworked.

More details about the technical characteristics and design features of the new iPhone should tell the specialists of iFixit on the other day. Most likely, they will release the disassembly process shortly after the official start of sales of new products.


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