The author of The New York Times Jack Nikas wrote an interesting article about the milestones in the development of the Apple terms of market value.

He told how in 1996 the company has a new CFO Fred Anderson, and he had to issue bonds 661 Millin dollars to keep the company afloat. Until the end of the year, the Corporation burned through $ 867 million and total capitalization amounted to less than $ 3 billion.

I didn’t know how bad until I started digging.

In 1997 the Corporation was in 90 days from formal bankruptcy.

In this difficult time, the company decided to take the risk and poglatit Next, the new brainchild of Steve jobs. New iCeo started with the fact that canceled 70 percent of future products, simplified production and logistics chain and launched the advertising campaign “Think Different”.

For years, Steve jobs has breathed new life into the Mac platform, has created a new market with iPod, and then made another technological revolution with the iPhone. In 2011, when the reins of the Corporation passed to Tim cook, Apple’s capitalization stood at 346 billion dollars.

Fortunately, investors and Apple fans, with the departure and subsequent death of jobs, the Corporation has continued to grow. It continues to expand into new markets.

At the close of trading on 2 August, Apple’s market capitalization amounted to 1 002 trillion dollars. Please note that the “002” in the last digit means 2 billion, it looks especially impressive against the background that in 1996 the entire company was worth less than 3 billion.

Full version Jack Nikas on The New York Times is available here.


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