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Vladimir Putin signed a law giving the Central Bank the right to require banks to join the system fast payments (SBP). And yet, the Central Bank now has the right to determine tariffs for services in the system of quick payments and set a maximum amount of Commission charged by banks for transferring money.

Already a year has passed, as banks have started to collect the biometrics, and things are there. Say that collected only about 10 thousand samples. And only “Tinkoff” and “Sovcombank” ready as more or less remotely to do with it: sell products, open and close accounts. Hmm No. 1, well No. 2 and well No. 3.

CBR will study how cheaters cheat their victims through “social engineering” to teach the Russians to resist them, and even formed a working group for this.

Well, immediately the interview with the head of the CBR Elvira Nabiullina. On the system of quick payments, a new mechanism for acquiring and the “Marketplace”: “the New competition will be a competition with using financial technologies, so we create the necessary infrastructure for the development of the banking business, built on innovation”.

In the system fast payments (SBP) for the six months translated into almost 9 billion rubles is the total amount of remittances, and about 1 million in the number of these operations. The average check — 9 thousand.

Apple has published a report on the requests for disclosure of user information obtained from governmental and private organizations in the period from 1 July to 31 December 2018. The number of requests from the Russian authorities — 606.

A list of the most profitable franchises, which cost less than 1 million rubles. In the first place in top 10 football clubs for children from three years “CHempionata”, the second knives Samura.

For a long time already there are disputes and conversations about aburizal lending and crowdingin… And in Russia now, I think the time for the development of good startups from this area, especially because of some strict government regulation here yet. One such overow, I think, may be “Karma” is a platform for p2p lending.

Extremely useful material: a list of quality business communities where you can socialize with like-minded people in one language and to acquire new knowledge.

Interesting review on the “Save Money” about “Moscato Black” from Moscow credit Bank. Read. At the moment the conditions for demanding payment for service package “Premium” look very loyal to that amount of buns that are available within the package.

What unites the oil industry and artificial intelligence? Funny story about the founder of the company Digital Petroleum Dmitry Koroteeva as a couple of years to create a new market?

Zuckerbergs Libra is haunted by many, including Nobel laureates. For example, Mr. Stiglitz (winner for Economics) believes that “only a fool would trust Facebook their well-being. But perhaps on this account”.

Such a dangerous “Russian hackers”. Gunjit Malhotra, Jase PEL and Gunjit Singh under the guise of “threats” they broke the computers of the victims and pulling them from the coin. Smart guys, it should be noted.

Discovered a loophole that allows you to check the card balance and recent transactions using the voice assistant of the savings Bank — just call the Bank on behalf of a potential client-target. Beware!

The ratings and reports

In the new rankings of one thousand largest banks in the world from the Banker magazine leadership saved the banks from China. Our podstolice — Sberbank fell one position to 32nd place, and VTB — on 12 positions to 85th place.

And BrandZ has made the next rating of the most expensive brands in the world. It includes: Amazon, Apple, Visa, MasterCard, SAP, Google, China mobile, Instagram, PayPal, and others. A lot of tasty and useful information.

Brand Finance has rolled out its new report on the most expensive Russian brands. First place — savings Bank (842 billion), followed by three well-known all Neftegazovye the company in fifth place — the Railways, on the sixth — “Magnet”, the seventh — VTB, eighth place at Tatneft, ninth — MTS, the tenth was “NOVATEK”.

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