The company OnePlus on the Mobile World Congress introduced the world to his vision of the smartphone with support for cellular networks of the fifth generation. The device is a logical name OnePlus 5G, but its appearance at MWC 2019 yet you can not call it an announcement the Chinese vendor put it in a protective case through which we can see only the screen and the entire structure was placed under a strong glass. In other words, to evaluate the design of a mobile phone is not possible, but for the eyes part very, very interesting.

We can immediately see that the new OnePlus 5G will be greatly elongated, as the proportions of the screen will be 21:9. Resolution touchscreen for the phone and its diagonal is not yet disclosed, but this format will allow you to place more content in comparison with the now familiar panels 18:9. Only confuse the wide frame on top and bottom, but remember, this is a prototype and not a finished device, so probably part of the developers will understand. According to the analysts. An elongated screen can get and the flagship OnePlus 7, the appearance of which is expected in may this year. As for the OnePlus 5G, then at the premiere it was connected to a mobile base station 5G and demonstrated the speed of 60 Mbit per second, which is not the limit for networks of the fifth generation, moreover, declared support for the smartphone 500 MB/s. it Was shown that the phone is capable of real time no delay to transmit over the cellular network streaming HD video with a frequency of 60 Hz, and it is an achievement, when we are talking about mobile Internet.

However, the first cellular network 5G will become available for commercial use, in the best case, in the second half of 2019, so that at this stage in the OnePlus 5G like the device, can transfer files at very high speed, makes no sense. And the date of its release is still unknown — he might also be released in the second half of the year. According to the developers, the cost of this smartphone will be 250-300 dollars more expensive in comparison with LTE models with the same filling, that is, it’s probably already mentioned OnePlus 7, the price of which will be in the region of 600 dollars, only one and a half times more expensive. Today 5G smartphones have Samsung, Xiaomi, LG and Huawei, but they have not yet sold. Apple will release the iPhone with only 5G in 2020 — 2019 innovation from it is not worth waiting.

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