The leading Russian online cinema ivi updated app for Apple TV users. App changes occurred at all levels-redesigned user interface, changed the logic to navigate, implemented unique cross-platform solution design-system, a different approach to the presentation of content via video, the technology platform changed.

Restart the Apple TV in tune with the global restart of the product and follow the new communication strategy — leaving in the direction of simplification of navigation for a serious reduction in search time and choice of content on any device.

In addition to the global changes that were added to some opportunities for bonuses on the certificates in the user’s profile has a section to manage subscriptions with the option to buy subscriptions to different periods, and on the main page and in the catalog users can find the toll collection discounts to the content.

For more detail search appeared genre filters sorting settings in the catalog and the opportunity to search for the person that helps you quickly find content using various criteria.

Also, in the user profile there was a section with notifications, now hard to miss the release of a new series of favorite TV series or the relevant news.

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