Open the hidden possibilities of using the Apple Music Team One “Team” is gaining popularity, and it is used by more iPhone and iPad users from around the world. No wonder, because it opens up possibilities that on iOS earlier dream was impossible.

Once a week we share a selection of the most interesting scripts for “Teams”. Some of them we create, others find in the Internet, translate into Russian language and adapt to readers

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1. The album as a whole — to start the whole album

How to use: just activate the command during playback.

Another band, which I personally always use when listening to Apple Music in the car.

If you remember, in the past the compilation of commands I proposed to try a script to play random songs from your library. This is a Supplement to it.

With this command you can start the playback of the album containing the current song.

So you can hear more tracks by a particular artist, if one of his songs came at the right time your mood.

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2. To playlist — add track to selected list

How to use: just activate the command during playback.

Until today I was quite difficult to add any songs to the playlist? Despite the simplicity of Apple Music, this would have to do too much action.

However, now everything has changed.

With this command you can add the song that is currently playing in the selected playlist.

I recommend to add a command to a widget, then fill the list of favourite tracks will be much easier.

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3. Voice Pocket — read latest articles stored

How to use: simply activate the command.

The team, which became a real discovery for me, and it certainly will appeal to the active users of the pocket Pocket.

When you activate the command, it shows you a list of the ten most recent content you have added to Pocket.

You need to choose from any of the materials the team will scan it and include the display engine for Siri.

Just imagine, you can turn the plain text content to podcast, books or voice log.

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4. Audiotime — stop playback by timer

How to use: just activate the command during playback.

In the wilds of the iOS have the ability to include the end of playback after the timer ends. However, because of the difficulty of access to this feature, it is practically not used.

Now she is at a distance of one or two taps!

Immediately after running the command, it will ask how many times you need to stop the active playback. Everything else she will do for you.

Now you can fall asleep to music and other multimedia content.

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5. Application to open a wishlist for programs and games
How to use: simply activate the command.

This team is specially created for all users who have not found the usual wishlist of apps after upgrading the App Store in iOS 11.

Using it you can create a list of applications and track their price.

To add the application to the list, use the command via the context menu for App Store — all other functions used after the activation of the team.

The team, which will give you the opportunity to save money on purchasing apps and games. With a few taps it will show all the discounts on apps you’ve added to the list.

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6. Over/under — run is a classic number game

How to use: simply activate the command.

A classic game, implemented using a team.

You are given a number from 1 to 100 and ask, it is more or less that caught AI. You choose one of two options and place a bet.

The lower the winning probability, the greater its potential amount. First, 10 thousand virtual bucks, and while I couldn’t make them more than 100.

Try it!

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7. Wi-Fi — sharing network

How to use: first, make a list of the networks, and then activate the command while connected to one of them.

Another way to share the name and password of your Wi-Fi network — it will be especially useful for employees who regularly receive visitors.

After activating the command, it prompts you to send the username and password as text or QR code, and you will only need to choose the direction.

Unfortunately, this team is impossible to give unrestricted permission for everything.

That is why these known Wi-Fi networks, you will have to add to the list the script manually.

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8. Opener — use bottle opener in the application

How to use: open the link service via context menu commands.

Opener is an app that many seem not less useful than “Team”. Another contender for integration into iOS.

If you open the link using this program, it will try to deploy it not through a browser and via a native client application, and it already supports more than 250 options.

For example, you dropped a link to post to Instagram via Telegram. When you open it up, throws you into the browser. Opener will correct it.

The solution is very interesting, I recommend.

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9. Birthdays — show next holidays from calendar

How to use: simply activate the command.

Simple but effective team, which will be useful for anyone with a close friends or someone who actively works with people.

The script analyzes your calendar and gives upcoming birthdays of the people in it a simple text list.

This will give you the opportunity to work out in advance the gifts to the clients or find real gifts to your friends, verify the details of your schedule and mentally prepare.

For this automation of the “Team” came up with. Imagine that instead, you make selections by hand… the Horror!

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10. Darth Vader — start the sounds of dark side of the Force

How to use: simply activate the command.

People are divided into many parts. This is what Obi-WAN Kenobi proved that the future Darth Vader in the third episode of the Saga “Star wars” — “revenge of the Sith”.

But overall fans of the franchise prefer either light or dark side of the Force. I choose the latter, and if you are of the same opinion, this team is for you.

There is nothing outstanding. Immediately after the activation it offers you to play one of famous sounds and sayings Darth Vader.

Of course, there is the classic “I am your father.”

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