The President of the United States Donald trump visited the Apple factory in Texas, which will produce a new Mac Pro. Lighting this event, the American leader once again all mixed up, saying that he “opened” the factory — which actually works in 2013. However, trump presented this as their own achievement on the transfer of Apple production in America.

Apple has announced that production of the new Mac Pro will be at the factory in Austin Texas. It is expected that the first deliveries of the device will begin in December this year.

In honor of this event the factory was visited by US President Donald trump, who during his presidency had built a trusting relationship with the head of Apple Tim cook.

Trump himself has repeatedly stated publicly about the friendship with the CEO of the brand, but there is one disagreement that they cannot resolve — almost all Apple production located in China, which is good enough for company, but I don’t like the American leader. Trump has been trying to influence the cook, promising him tax benefits, but even they are unlikely to recoup the high cost of moving the entire production to another country.

Now at least one Apple product will be fully manufactured and assembled in the territory of the States. The President did not fail to use this fact to their advantage.

“Today we are witnessing the opening is very powerful and very important plant. Anyone who follows my campaign knows that I have always said about Apple that I wanted Apple to build factories throughout the United States. And it happened,” said the US President during a visit to the factory.

He later posted in his Twitter account a message with a similar message.

“Today I opened the big Apple factory in Texas, which brings back a lot of high-paying jobs back to America. Today Nancy Pelosi shut down Congress because she doesn’t care about American workers!” — shared trump with your subscribers.

The fact that trump couldn’t “open” the Apple factory — this factory has been functioning since 2013.

Moreover, formally, it does not even belong to “Apple” — she owns a Flex contractor Ltd (formerly known as Flextronics).

Apple, in turn, is really building something in Austin, but we are talking about the new campus company, which will be located a few kilometers from the factory. This campus will perform similar functions with the headquarters in Cupertino, that is mostly to do with engineering.

Moreover, this factory not only has been operating for six years — it makes the Mac Pro, however, already outdated model, since its opening.

Thus, it all happened long before trump took over as President, and then his words about the “opening of a very important plant” are false.

While the Apple in his statement does not speak of “discovery” or factory that has never made a Mac Pro in the United States.

“The creation of the Mac Pro the most powerful device in Apple history, Austin is the object of our pride and a testimony to the enduring American mastery. The construction of our new campus in Austin to strengthen ties Apple with the city and local talented workers from different spheres”, — said the representative of the company.

It is reported that the Texas office would cost Apple a billion dollars. It will come with 5 thousand employees with the prospect of further expansion up to 15 thousand people.

The new version of the Mac Pro was presented at WWDC developer conference 2019 in June of this year.

However, after the presentation of users of social networks was not interested in its characteristics and appearance and initial cost of the device.

The fact that Apple with holes on the side reminded nick grater for vegetables, which led to the establishment of many funny pictures.

As for the price of a Mac Pro, despite the fact that it computer professionals, having a capacity that does not require a wide range of users, the cost is high even by Apple’s standards — around $6 thousand moreover, in the maximum configuration, the computer cost can reach $45 million (almost 3 million rubles at the current exchange rate). Users also angered stand for display not included in kit and sold separately at a price of $999.

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