Non-profit organization OpenID Foundation behind the development of the open standard for decentralized authentication system OpenID, sent an open letter to the American Corporation Apple. The letter States, recently announced the option “Sign in with Apple” creates certain risks to the security and privacy of users.

In the letter the organization says that Apple has built the feature “Sign in with Apple” platform-based OpenID Connect. However, it is emphasized that the implementation of Apple not up to the end is compatible with standard OpenID.

As a result, according to the OpenID Foundation, “Apple puts security and privacy at risk”.

“The main at the moment, the differences between OpenID Connect from the “Sign in with Apple” is that Apple puts the privacy and security of users at risk,” explains the Chairman of the OpenID Foundation NAT Sakimura.

The OpenID Foundation has published a list of the differences between the Apple platform OpenID Connect. Sakimura calls for Apple to match the standard of OpenID.

Recall that at the WWDC Apple 2019 spoke about his plans to make the authentication process applications more secure. According to representatives of Corporation, the developers test the option “Sign in with Apple” which can be used with all applications that support login credentials third party services.

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