Mozilla calls on Apple every month to change a unique advertising identifier IDFA iOS users. According to the developer of the browser, this will prevent advertisers to create a special user profile that contains too much information about the people who use iOS operating system.

IDFA is a unique ID that is given to every smartphone from Apple. Running on the device, apps can request access to this ID to display the user relevant ads.

“IDFA replace the cookies in the world of mobile devices. It is known that cookie is problematic to use to display advertising on mobile devices”, — experts explain the Singular existence of IDFA.

It should be noted that the IDFA is different from the other identifier — UDID. The UDID is a permanent device identifier that cannot be changed.

Apple has banned apps to access the UDID, as there is stored the sensitive information, but instead provided IDFA.

But Mozilla requires to change the approach to ad identifier, for which even set up a special petition.

“Most users are not even aware that in nature there is no such ID”, — explained the representatives of the developer of the popular browser.

The goal of Mozilla is to force Apple to change the IDFA every month for each user automatically. The company believes that it will help to protect the privacy of users.

“You will continue to receive relevant advertising. But companies dealing with advertising, will be much harder to create a special profile, which will contain about comprehensive information” — sums up the experts Mozilla.

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