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26 Sep Sberbank has launched its own mobile virtual operator “Carmobile“, which is different from the competitors low prices, and option return part of the money spent on the card “Thank you.” To attract customers, “Bermoral” launched a very profitable campaign, in which he gives 1000 roubles to anyone who will go to the save room. However, stocks there are several obvious moments, about which we spoke in this article.

Who can get 1000 rubles for the transition to the “Bermoral”?

September 26 “Bermoral” fully earned only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The new campaign, which enables you to receive 1000 rubles for the transition from another operator, is relevant only for subscribers of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region.

Note that the campaign worked before, when the operator of Sberbank called “Talk from Sberbank”.

How to get 1000 rubles? There’s a catch

“Bermoral” really will give 1000 rubles new subscribers who move from other operators retaining the number. But the bonus of 1,000 rubles will be credited within five months.

On the first day after the transfer to the account of the subscriber “Spermophile” will be 200 bonuses that are equivalent to 200 rubles. In the next four months on account will be credited 200 bonus. Accrued points can be spent on any service operator.

Source: Carmobile.


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