Another confirmation.

At least one new iPhone will support the work of two SIM-cards. This was confirmed by Chinese mobile operators, published in social networks corresponding teasers.

Advertising image with reference to the iPhone with support for the two statements appeared on the pages of China Telecom and China Mobile in Facebook. The image of the first operator shows the smartphone with dual SIM card slots that look like X iPhone. China Mobile has published a picture of an Apple and two SIM cards, adding the inscription that roughly translated as “a New fruit supports two cards.”

Teaser China Telecom

Probably at the same time with two operators will only work with 6.1-inch iPhone Xr for iPhone (9) c LCD-display. The models will make exclusive for China — in this country the number of owners of smartphones with support of two SIM-cards is much higher than in others.

Teaser China Mobile

Teasers of operators in social networks — this is not an official confirmation of Apple’s plans. Nevertheless, earlier about the iPhone with two SIM cards, reported by respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who can be trusted.

On September 12, “the Theatre of Steve jobs” will take place the presentation of the iPhone Xs iPhone and Xr. In addition to new smartphones, Apple will introduce the Apple Watch Series 4, updated iPad Pro and maybe some other gadgets.

Source: GSMArena


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