Mobile Internet gets rid of the restrictions.

In the spring of 2017, all Russian operators almost simultaneously refused to tariff plans with unlimited Internet. The official reason was that callers simply do not need a full mobile Internet. In August 2018, the operators changed their minds and began to return tariffs with unlimited Internet.

The first among the leading operators distinguished MTS. The operator launched new tariff plan “Maritime”, which offers unlimited access to the Internet without critical limitations. Charge rate is 300 to 650 rubles depending on the region. Thus, the maximum price of 650 rubles installed only for Moscow and the Moscow region. In most regions the rate is minimal.

Behind MTS unlimited Internet back “Beeline”. However, the operator did not the most obvious way. “Beeline” has added unlimited Internet tariffs of the line “Samoa!”, and not has launched a new tariff plan. Moreover, to activate the Internet without restrictions subscribers of the operator is required to personally contact the service center operator and request for service connection.

Such a decision, “Beeline” indicates that the operator returns results carefully. It is assumed that the concern is the same reason that drove the abandonment of the nl last year — the uncertainty that subscribers really need this option.

Russian experts believe that other large operators, including MegaFon and Tele2 will soon launch their own tariffs with unlimited mobile Internet.


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