In September last year, Apple introduced three new items, but the market for a long time it was possible to find only two of them — iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The main flagship iPhone X, was delayed until November. At that time it was motivated by the fact that the company encountered difficulties in the production of OLED panels. This year, the situation is almost identical, but as a “delayed” model is already iPhone XR. Whatever that could mean?

The first rumors that the iPhone XR will go on sale after the scheduled date, appeared in June. According to suppliers familiar with the situation, Apple is faced with a large number of defects in the production of LCD matrices. In particular, there were problems with lighting in the area of “notches”. If this is true, the decision to postpone the release of the phone was correct and reasonable. However, so consider not all. According to the Wall Street Journal’s sources, the reason is actually quite different. If you believe the insiders, the company is artificially delaying the release of the iPhone XR, as he understands that many will choose iPhone instead of XR and XS iPhone XS iPhone Max for a more attractive price. Thus, Apple wants to avoid internal competition between models, which ultimately, will bring much more fruit than if the “budget” iPhone was available for purchase immediately. For the same reason, was removed from the iPhone X.

According to sources, Apple knowingly makes a bet on a flagship model. For example, the cost of the iPhone XS is only about 355 dollars, and iPhone XS Max — 371. But the cost of production of the iPhone XR, which is positioned as a more affordable — 331 dollar. This suggests that Apple is much more profitable to sell premium models, earning excess profits for each sold smartphone.

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