Not long ago, Apple presented to the public its new flagship iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, iPhone, XR. However, sales was removed predecessor — iPhone X. According to 9to5Mac, Ben Lovejoy, it was a completely predictable move, given that the new product has been updated only slightly. A more reasonable purchase for many would be the last model, and it is well aware of the company.

The article was published in the blog 9to5Mac.

Last year, we revealed the revolutionary iPhone X — the first smartphone Apple, which was new in all respects . And this is perhaps the most significant update to the series. Let’s remember.

  • Starting with the original iPhone until the iPhone 3GS almost nothing had changed.
  • The design of the iPhone 4 at the time of the show was very successful, but at the same time, no fundamental differences from its predecessors.
  • the iPhone 5 also did not surprise us — it’s just a larger version of his younger brother.
  • When was the iPhone 6, he was seriously different from the other iPhone. However, it still was recognizable as the Apple smartphone.

In the case of iPhone X all very different. Without the familiar button “Home” and thanks to full display, he looked more like a flagship Android than on the Apple smartphone. Even the famous excavation at present is not the hallmark of this smartphone. However, it was a great option to buy now if the company did not stop the sale.

A few days ago came the first reviews of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. I think no one will argue with the fact that for the vast majority of consumers who have hands on iPhone X, it makes no sense to be updated on new items. The same rule works for those who have an old smartphone on their hands — in this case it is easier to buy a flagship in 2017 than to overpay. See for yourself:

iPhone 4 → iPhone 4S. Was added voice assistant Siri.
iPhone 5 → iPhone 5S. The introduction of Touch ID, the new architecture 64 bits.
iPhone 6 → the iPhone 6S. Debut of 3D Touch technology.
iPhone 6s → 7 iPhone. The appearance of the standard dustproof and waterproof IP67.
iPhone 7 → X. iPhone Wireless charging, Face ID, a completely new design.

What we get in the transition from iPhone X to iPhone XS? Practically nothing. Improved processor and camera, but it has long no one is interested.

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