In may 2019 the Israeli taxi service Gett has raised $120 million investment from the automotive group Volkswagen, the company and Leonard Blavatnik of Access. This is not the first major deal in the Israeli market: in a country with a population of 8.6 million people registered, more than 6,000 high-tech startups that are willing to invest the European and American giants. For example, in February 2017, Apple bought Israeli start-up on facial recognition Realface. Estimated value of the transaction is approximately $2 million In March of that year, Intel bought Jerusalem a developer of chips for unmanned vehicles Mobileye for $15.3 billion This transaction became the largest in the Israeli technology market.

Technology startups founded by young entrepreneurs, attract young professionals. This community creates in its turn a request for a creative industry, so Israel has to break stereotypes and prove to the world that Jerusalem, tel Aviv and other cities is no longer a war zone, and contemporary cultural and technological centers. And if tel Aviv is a young city — it is easier to do that Jerusalem, with its 4,000 years of history to be modern is much more complicated. Today, however, Jerusalem changes the image, adding to the pilgrimage center of the world’s religions the image of a prosperous cosmopolitan capital model of the XXI century. There are major sporting events, art and film festivals and exhibitions.

Contemporary art

In 2010, Israel Museum completed a major reconstruction, which cost the city $100 million In permanent collection founded in 1965, the Museum collection of European art of the late XIX — early XX century with the work of the Impressionists and representatives of the French avant-garde and the Dadaists and the Surrealists, formed by the gifts of a few families.

After the reconstruction the Museum will have its new campus with a sculpture by Anish Kapoor in front of the entrance. The artist, known primarily for the Chicago sculpture Cloud Gate, created a large object in the form of a five-meter hourglass stainless steel especially for Jerusalem. To the Museum it was transferred to collectors from San Francisco, Richard Goldman, Charles Bronfman and Lily Safra with the support of Foundations of modern art “Barbara” and “Eugene Schwartz” in memory of Israel Museum founder Teddy College. Although the Museum’s Director James Snyder refused to name the cost of the new works, Bloomberg writes that the price of Kapoor was considerable: in the same year at least two works by the artist have been sold at auction Sotheby’s in London and in Doha for the amount of $1 million to $1.5 million
At the Venice Biennale this time Israel is the artist Aya Ben Ron with the project “a Field hospital X” (Field Hospital X (FHX), where we study how art can respond to social problems. FHX is a sterile space in which Aya Ben Ron talks about her own experiences of abuse.

In General, contemporary art in Jerusalem in love and provide an opportunity for artists to work in urban spaces. In December, is a festival of contemporary art art BnB, where 20 artists from different countries worked for two weeks side by side with 21 Israeli artists on the streets of the city. For example, a new York artist Lenore Mizrachi, Cohen did on the walls 25 graffiti with the permission of their owners. In the style of Arabic calligraphy she wrote Jewish Proverbs, showing through the interweaving of cultural traditions in the city.

Two weeks of the festival the artist Joaquin Jara from Barcelona has created a sculpture in the form of three embracing figures. Created from natural materials, typical of Israel and is found on the arid coast of the Dead sea, shape symbolized the three world religions that originated in the promised land. Russia Art BnB was represented by Roman Ermakov, student of Andrey Bartenev. During the festival, he teamed with Israeli artist Daniel Namecom created outdoor sculpture Malchik.

From 28 June to 6 July will be the 10th festival “Light in Jerusalem” with a laser show accompanied by live music and a fair of young designers, and on 25 July, will open the Jerusalem film festival, which this year marks 35 years: on 17 may 1984 by the legendary Italian Director Ettore Scola opened the first Jerusalem film festival with the film “Bal”, received a nomination for “Oscar” in the category “Best foreign language film”, despite the fact that the actors in the film don’t say a word — they just dance. Over the past 30 years, the festival has become a major calendar of movie lovers, and its winners were Robert De Niro, Wes Anderson, spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino.

Israeli fashionista

Israeli designers are known worldwide today: in 2018, the head miner opened the Paris Fashion Week and the outfits Alona in the Shower the lights out Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

After graduating from the Academy of art and design Bezalel in Jerusalem, the head miner, he studied at the Paris fashion Institute, and then launched her eponymous label, which now represented not only in Israel and in more than 30 boutiques abroad, including the Open Ceremony in new York, Super A Market in Tokyo and Ansh46 Rotterdam. Style head miner was influenced by traditional Jewish religious and military clothing.

Alon Livne in the world of high fashion since the age of 17, in Alexander McQueen in London and Roberto Cavalli in Florence. After winning the “Project Runway” in Israel in February 2013, he was invited to participate in the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, where he presented his collection at Lincoln center. Critics have described the Shower as “elegant, darkly handsome and well-designed collection of evening wear… “. Since then, Alon Livne regularly presents her collections at MBFW in new York, and his wedding line Alon Livne White has become a must-have for many brides.

The spirit of sport
In sports, the Jerusalem marathon is known for its complex route through the historic landscapes. The marathon starts near the Israel Museum, continues around campus on the outskirts of the new city, and then runs through the old town.

In early may, here for the second time was the GFNY race under the slogan “Be professional in one day”: it involves and professional cyclists and Amateurs. Race participants have the option to use tracks to choose from: Media Fondo — 70-mile short track and a 130-kilometer track, the Gran Fondo in the hills around Jerusalem through the Judean mountains.

The Jerusalem marathon, and Cycling GFNY, we can assume the same symbol of peace, and the Olympic movement: in 2019 the races and races at various distances was attended by 20 000 professional athletes and fans in more than 55 countries.

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