Angela Ahrendts — senior Vice President of Apple, in the spring of 2014, the year who led global network of branded stores Apple Store — will leave his post in April. The company announced in a press release.

As noted by The New York Times, the departure of Ahrendts seems unusual, since currently Apple sales, especially in Asian markets, are falling. Officially reported that it goes for implementation of a new “personal and professional projects.”

Experts note that job Ahrendts coped generally successfully: network Apple Store is one of the world leaders in revenue per unit of retail space. In recent years, Apple began to develop stores in a new direction, turning them into a kind of community centers where you can participate in trainings and workshops, listen to concerts and lectures. However, there was also criticism of this approach: many doubt that store with super expensive electronics can be a place that brings together representatives of all sectors of society.

In 2013 year, the company poached Angela Ahrendts from Burberry, where she’s eight years was the Director-General, promising for the first year of operation, 73 million dollars. All subsequent years, Ahrendts was one of the highest paid leaders in the company, paid approximately $ 170 million.

After the departure of Ahrendts retail destination in the Apple will begin to lead the Deirdre O’brien, who worked in the company for over three decades. However, she will retain her former duties of the head of the HR Department, that is, to control the stores it will have in addition to the management staff of the company, comprising about 100,000 persons around the world.

When she ran

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