It is almost the final version of iOS 12!

At the end of the presentation on September 12 , Apple released the Golden Master version of iOS 12 — its new mobile operating system. The long-awaited update, which is 99-100% identical to the final build became available for download only to registered developers. However, to install iOS GM 12 right now can and normal users. About what GM-iOS version 12 and how to install it, now told in this material.

That means the Golden Master?

Golden Master is called a pre-release build of the operating system. Usually the GM version eliminated all the bugs fixed the last bugs, and the performance and autonomy are derived the maximum level. Most often, the GM version of iOS is completely different from the final version, even updated to the release build is not necessary!

Apple releases GM build of major new versions of iOS to ensure the final firmware been tried and tested a large number of users. This allows the company to determine whether everything is fine with IOS. Given the experience of previous years I can say that in most cases, the GM version of iOS and is getting a release.

In other words, anyone can install iOS 12 right now, without waiting for the final release and full use of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with the new firmware.

How to install Golden Master version of iOS 12?

Important! Before you install the GM version of iOS 12 make sure you create a fresh backup of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Step 1. From your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch go to this link using the Safari browser (this is mandatory) to upload the developer profile.

Step 2. In the opened settings window, click “Install” and confirm to start installing the developer profile.

Step 3. Enter the password and agree to restart the device.

Step 4. After reboot, navigate to “Settings” → “Main” → “Update” and start the download of the GM-iOS version 12.

Ready! After the download is complete, you can install the GM version of iOS 12 on the device. Note that the original firmware can be booted a long time, as it simultaneously downloads a large number of users.

Also, we emphasize that if the GM-iOS version 12 will be identical to the final build, after the release of iOS 12 you will not need to install any updates. On your device already has the latest and most optimized version of iOS 12. The final version of iOS 12 will be released on September 17.

The official list of innovations iOS 12Performance

  • iOS has to work even faster, with a high degree of response throughout the operating system.
  • Performance optimized for all supported devices, including the iPhone 5s and iPad Air.
  • The camera is now able to open up to 70% faster, and the keyboard is able to receive up to 50 percent faster, with increased responsiveness when typing on it.
  • Under high load, Your device startup programs is almost two times faster.


  • New tab “For You” will help you to discover the wonderful photos from Your library, see “Selection of photo”, the “supply effects” and many others.
  • The function of “Offer to share” actively encourages you to share your photos taken at some event with those who they depict.
  • Thanks to the improved search function is now easier to find your photos with the help of smart tips and a few key words.
  • Find the pictures You made in a particular place, institution or event.
  • Improved import from cameras with high performance and a new preview in a larger view.
  • Support for editing RAW files.


  • Enhanced mode “Portrait” conveys fine details between the subject and the background when using the effects of “lighting” and “lighting — mono”.
  • QR codes now are allocated in the frame of the camera so they are easier to scan.


  • Characters Memoji — new Animoji with extensive customization options — make the Message more expressive by using personalized variety of entertaining characters.
  • Animoji now include t-Rex, ghosts, koalas and tigers.
  • Your Memoji and Animoji can wink and tongue out.
  • New camera effects allow you to use Animoji, filters, text effects, sets, stickers iMessage and shapes in a photo and video shoot in the Messages.
  • Now You can record videos with characters Animoji lasting up to 30 seconds.

Screen time

  • The function of “Screen time” provides detailed information and tools to help You and Your family to find the right balance of time spent in programs and on web sites.
  • View reports on time spent in programs reports software usage by category, number of received notifications and work sessions with the devices.
  • Restrictions on the use of software can help you determine how much time You or Your child can spend in programs and on web sites.
  • Screen time for children allows parents to control how their child uses iPhone and iPad, and directly from their iOS devices.

Do not disturb

  • Mode “do Not disturb” can be automatically disabled after the event, upon arrival at the specified location or after a certain period of time.
  • The “do Not disturb at night” allows you to hide all notifications on the lock screen of Your device while You sleep.


  • Notifications are now grouped in the programs so that they are easier to manage.
  • The quick setup feature allows you to control your notification settings directly from the lock screen.
  • New feature “Send silently” provides silent delivery of notifications in the notification Center, without disturbing You.


  • Quick commands Siri is the fastest way to perform everyday tasks, giving any program a chance to work with Siri.
  • Add quick commands using the button “Add.” in all supported programs, or navigate to “Settings > Siri and Search.”
  • Siri offers a quick command on the lock screen during a search.
  • Get scores, schedules, statistics and standings for motor sports with Formula 1, Nascar, Indy 500 and MotoGP.
  • Search by time, place, people, subject, or recent travel to find the right photos and memories in Photos.
  • Translate phrases into multiple languages with the support of more than 40 language pairs.
  • Meet interesting facts about celebrities, for example about when they were born. Ask questions about food, including calorie and nutrient content.
  • Turn on / off the flashlight.
  • More natural and expressive voice is now available for Irish English, South African English, Danish, Norwegian languages, Cantonese, and Mandarin in Taiwan.

Augmented reality

  • Due to multiuser environments, augmented reality, developers can create innovative AR program in ARKit 2, which can be used together with friends.
  • Continuous mode allows developers to save and reload the augmented reality object in the place where You left off.
  • Technology object definitions, and tracking images — a new tool in the hands of developers for object recognition and tracking images when they move in space.
  • Quick view AR now available in iOS, allowing you to quickly view objects AR in the built-in apps like News, Safari, and Files to share them with your friends via iMessage and Email.


  • A new application of augmented reality for measurement of objects and spaces.
  • To measure the object, draw lines along surfaces or in space, and then tap the displayed information to review the results of the measurement.
  • Automatically measure the dimensions of a rectangular object.
  • Make screen shots of the measurements, add notes to them and share them.

Security and privacy

  • Improved technology to prevent tracking in Safari prevents tracking You without Your knowledge by pressing the buttons in the built-in materials and social networks.
  • Limiting the ability of advertisers to determine the individual settings of Your iOS device to show You targeted advertising.
  • Strong passwords are suggested automatically when creating an account and changing the password in most programs and in Safari.
  • Duplicate passwords are marked in the list in the Settings section “Passwords and accounts”.
  • The Autocomplete feature of the security code displays the one-time security codes received in SMS, as the sentence at line QuickType.
  • Share passwords with your contacts even easier using AirDrop in the Settings section “Passwords and accounts”.
  • Siri to jump to the password of the authenticated device.

Apple Books

  • With a completely redesigned program has become simpler and easier to discover books and audiobooks.
  • With the function of “Read now” easier to go back to any book You are currently reading, or to find useful recommendations about new books.
  • Add books to the new collection of “Want to read” to remember which book You want to read the next one.
  • The Store of books has become easier to find an interesting book using selections of new and popular books, recommendations from our editors the Apple Books, as well as recommendations tailored just for You.
  • The new Store is audiobooks, you can easily find works with immersive and informative popular science texts told by Your favorite authors, actors and pop stars and movie.

Apple Music

  • You can now search for songs by lyrics, to with just a few words could find the right song.
  • On the pages of the performers now appeared more convenient to search and personalized station of music.
  • New Friends Mix playlist consists of all the songs Your friends are listening to and which You will like.
  • In the new charts You will find daily top 100 songs in countries around the world.


  • Completely redesigned the program is now even easier to view quotes, interactive charts and the top news for iPhone and iPad.
  • The Ticker list contains the sparklines in different colors, graphically displays daily quotes.
  • View interactive stock graph for each code, as well as key information including the price in after-hours trading, trading volume, and more.

The recorder

  • Completely redesigned with a focus on convenience and ease of use.
  • Your notes and edits are synced across all Your devices using iCloud.
  • On iPad now supported landscape and portrait orientation.

Apple Podcasts

  • Offers support to chapters in the transmission (if available).
  • The transition to 30 seconds or skip to the next Chapter using the buttons scroll back and forth in the car or on headphones.
  • Easily manage notifications on new releases screen!

Universal access

  • The function “Live listen” now works with headphones AirPods, helping You hear more clearly.
  • A function call in the RTT now works with the operator AT&T.
  • Feature Speak selection now supports the use of the Siri voice to speak the chosen text.

Other features and improvements

  • Camera effects in FaceTime transform Your image in real time.
  • CarPlay navigation now supports third-party software.
  • Supported College campuses, you can use a contactless student cards in Wallet for access to buildings and payment with Apple Pay.
  • Icons websites can be displayed in tabs on the iPad, if they are activated in “Settings” – > Safari.
  • The program “Weather” now provides the air quality index in supported regions.
  • Quickly swipe up from the bottom to go to the Home screen iPad.
  • Swipe down from the top right of the screen to go to the control Center iPad.
  • Function Markup contains a palette of additional colors and options to change line width and opacity for each of the tools.
  • In the diagram, the battery usage in Settings shows Your activity over the past 24 hours or 10 days. You can touch the column chart to view software usage for a specified period of time.
  • On devices without a 3D Touch touch and hold the spacebar to turn the keyboard into a trackpad.
  • Maps now support facilities for airports and shopping centers with internal positioning available only in China.
  • Available new dictionaries: explanatory dictionary of the Hebrew language, and thesauri of Arabic and English as well as Hindi and English.
  • New thesaurus of English.
  • The automatic updates feature now allows you to install iOS updates by night.


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