In the past several years, Apple has actively developed its mobile operating system, adding some features that were supposed to extend the capabilities of the iPad. This year kupertinovtsy decided on the next step. Within WWDC 2019 they announced the separation on iOS mobile and tablet version.

iPadOS really expanded the capabilities of Apple’s tablets. The update brought with it a number of improvements, making the iPad even more functional gadget. However, looking ahead, we can say that Apple’s tablets still cannot replace laptop. The device lacks flexibility, and the interface is tied to the touch gestures that slightly reduces the speed of interaction with the system. Thus, the update in any case can not be called a checkpoint.


First thing you come to after users unlock the iPad is the updated home screen. Now it displays more icons. Cupertinos reviewed the usual “mesh” by adding one column and one row. Thus, the grid 5 to 4 was replaced by more comfortable – 6 to 5.

Another feature of the home screen was a panel with widgets. In iPadOS is no longer a separate section, namely an additional panel that can be displayed on the first (main) screen.

If desired, users can even secure it on a permanent basis. In this case icons on the desktop will shift to the right and will be more compact. Such a solution looks interesting and fresh – at least for Apple’s mobile operating system.

Not cupertinos began to leave the iPad and without the long-awaited dark theme. It works just like on iOS 13, changing the appearance of all standard applications and menu. Third-party programs for the most part do not support this option. However, given the high interest of users to the dark theme, we can say that by the time of the release of the final version iPadOS situation will change dramatically.

New multitasking

Cupertinos have long been given iPad owners an opportunity to place on the tablet screen two Windows. However, only in the iPadOS, this feature is really useful. Now, on one screen you can run two Windows of the same application. For example, users can access two versions of Safari, two different notes, etc. With the information from one window can be easily transferred to another.

At this stage the only downside of this feature is that it is available only in standard applications. However, we can assume that at the time of the release of the final version iPadOS third-party developers have to adapt their utility for new opportunities.

In addition to Split View, Apple has also updated Slide Over. For iPadOS in this mode, the user can place on the screen not one, but several compact Windows. They are displayed in a stack. To switch between open Windows you can swipe, but if you want a compact window can be placed in the Split View mode or expanded to full screen with just one gesture. It is particularly convenient to communicate with compact versions of the thumbnails on the large screen iPad Pro.

New gestures and analog 3D Touch

When working on a new mobile operating system, Apple has paid special attention to gestures. In iOS iPadOS 13 and there are several “ligaments”, to help you quickly save, paste, delete, select, and cancel actions. They considerably facilitate the process of interaction with the text. However, it is difficult to say how comfortable these gestures will be in everyday use. Within a few days of use iPadOS get used to them failed – you need to keep in mind a new opportunity.

Unlike gestures to software analog 3D Touch, which appeared in the iPadOS, managed to get used to it quickly enough. Now with a long press on the icon of the app, users can bring up the context menu and select one of the preset actions. For the Camera is video recording or shooting selfies, and twitter client – send the new record.

Update Safari

In the past several years, owners of Apple computers has requested that Apple add to the iPad a full version of Safari, and finally, the cupertinos have heard. In iPadOS change the mobile browser has come to a real desktop version. This means that now Safari will open the desktop version mostly sites.

But most importantly, now the browser work correctly many popular web services. For Example, Google Docs. Convenient to work and with social networks. Especially this innovation should evaluate the users of the 12-inch iPad Pro.

The Files App

With access iPadOS standard file Manager grew significantly. Now he looks more like the mobile app and the Finder from macOS. And this applies to both functionality and interface. In particular, on an iPad, in Files, available in a separate column that displays all the important information about the file (creation date, size, thumbnail, tags, etc).

But the main feature is support for flash drives, external drives and memory cards. Now users can easily copy from the flash and write the new information. However, here we need to note that all these manipulations will need a special adapter. But the process of writing data to the external drive is not very fast. But the trend is definitely encouraging.

Support for external manipulators

Some users have long dreamed that Apple gave the ability to connect to the iPad mouse is now such option became available. The company noted that the new feature is designed primarily for people with disabilities. The rest of cupertinos propose to continue to use touch input. However, it is not upsetting users.

It is noteworthy that the iPad can connect to almost any mouse – both wireless and wired. However, in the latter case, users will need an adapter. It is also worth considering that iPadOS in most cases does not recognize pressing additional mouse button – the system “understands” only press the left button and scroll wheel.

In the end

As mentioned above, iPadOS brought quite a lot of interesting features. However, at this stage to use the OSes don’t get too comfortable. The first beta version works with a noticeable delay in the interface enough seats with inscriptions, altayski each other and many third-party apps are very unstable. It is possible that by the time the first public beta, the situation will change and the system will start to work better. Meanwhile, put iPadOS too early.


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