If we believe the sources of American TV channel CNBC, that Apple may launch its video service before the end of next year. But most interesting is that the cupertinos are planning to distribute a part of the exclusive content available in the new service, absolutely free. It is expected that such opportunity will be access only for owners of Apple devices and for a limited time.

CNBC sources say that the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV will be able to access the new service, in which the cupertinos will gather their own video and video third-party media companies, without much effort. It will simply go to the Videos app.

It is believed that with the help of free access to videos and TV shows Apple wants to draw attention not only to the new service, but for all of its products in particular. While it is not known on what conditions the cupertinos will provide access to the service. Perhaps Apple will go about the same path that was used at the start of the Apple Music. But there is a possibility that the company will choose a new strategy. For example, cupertinos can provide free access to video service to all buyers of new Apple devices.


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