According to representatives of the company Xuanwu Security Lab, which is engaged in information security, some time ago, hackers found a new way to steal users ‘ personal data. The hardest threat to affected owners of older Apple devices.

Experts note that the risk group includes all the gadgets that are running iOS 11.4.1 and earlier versions of iOS, and iMac and a MacBook with macOS up to the High Sierra 10.13.5.

Experts Xuanwu Security Lab has discovered that attackers are actively using a flaw in older versions of Safari, which some Unicode characters are displayed incorrectly. For example, for a user symbol dum in the old browser looks like the Latin letter d.

This feature allows hackers to register clones of popular sites, in locations which have the letter d, and instead to insert a Unicode character. Thus, the attacker is impossible to create copies of the Reddit, WordPress or iCloud. Typically, these resources are created with the goal of obtaining personal data – usernames and passwords of accounts, payment card data, etc.


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