The Bank-partner Apple — Goldman Sachs has allowed clients to request an increase to credit limit on the card Apple Card. The reason for this decision were allegations of sex discrimination. Recently, some users said that Bank algorithms was originally laid prejudice towards women.

Of discrimination said one of the owners of the Apple Card. He claimed his wife with a better credit history offered a lower loan amount than him.

The representative of Goldman Sachs said that the Bank does not consider gender or marital status when issuing Apple Card. In addition, the organization works with third-party contractor to avoid bias. According to the representative of the Bank, limits on the map are largely dependent on the individual’s credit history. The final decision can affect even existing maps of the applicant, issued to the accounts of the spouses.

However, Goldman Sachs has announced that it will allow customers to request to increase the limit, if it seems to them insufficient. This can be done in chat with the support of the Bank in the Wallet app.

A man, accused Goldman Sachs, the answer remained dissatisfied and called it mockingly.

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