The new service Ozon.Invest will allow you to obtain 18% per annum.

Russian marketplace Ozon announced the launch of a test of a completely new for Russia service Ozon.Invest. The service will allow the Russians to give loans to sellers from a number of specific suppliers Ozon. According to the source, the expected return when investing through Ozon.Invest will be 18% per annum.

At the moment the service Ozon.Invest is under testing. According to the initial conditions, through him, the Russians can put the amount of 10 thousand rubles for a maximum period of six months. The expected rate of return on contributions in the shops-partners of the marketplace Ozon is 18%.

In order to use the services of Ozon.Invest and invest the money in a specific store, the lender will need only to fill out a questionnaire. Ozon will determine the financial position of sellers at the 200 different parameters. Based on this analysis, the ozone will recommend the Russians some shops for investment.

While sources say that the loans in Ozon.Invest will not be insured unlike ordinary Bank deposits.

The launch of the service Ozon.Invest to be held in the first quarter of 2019. Then the Russians will be available for deposits.

Source: Statements.


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