Map “three” with the image of the giant Panda went on sale in the capital’s subway. Circulation travel is in the style of the Moscow zoo, is ten thousand units, reported the press service of the zoo.

As explained representatives of the zoo, purchase the card with an exclusive design in ticket machines at stations on the circle line, as well as at all the stations inside the ring. The release of “Panda-three” was timed to the arrival in Moscow of a pair of bamboo bears from China. Large Panda Dindin and Jouy settled in the city zoo two months ago and have become the darlings of the capital’s residents and guests from other cities.

As explained in the press service, a special edition of the Troika also decided to dedicate the 155th anniversary of the Moscow zoo, so the map has the anniversary logo with the historic character of the zoo wild cat manul.

“We are sincerely grateful to our colleagues from the Moscow metro, which enthusiastically embraced the idea to make limited edition cards “Troika” with big Panda”, − quotes the Director of the zoo Svetlana Akulov, the Agency “Moscow”. According to her, “Panda-three” will be a wonderful gift for all those who are just like us in love with the bamboo bears”. Akulov also said that the owners of the card can enter the zoo via a special turnstile without Queuing.

Earlier it was reported that the map “Troika” will be electronic. By the end of the year the travel will add to the mobile wallets of Apple, Google and Samsung.

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