Announced that the official telecommunications partner of the launch of the mobile platform short video Quibi 6 April 2020 is the group of companies T-Mobile.

Under the agreement, access to Quibi will not be exclusive to subscribers of T-Mobile is to subscribe to the service to the customers of other operators, for $5/month. with ads or for $8/month. no ads. However, for subscribers of T-Mobile assumed certain privileges, details about this will be known later.

Quibi — the project of producer Jeffrey Katzenberg and businesswoman Meg Whitman. According to the creators, the content platform — author series with episodes longer than 10 minutes will attract an audience of Millennials who prefer to watch video on a smartphone.

Meg Whitman said in an official statement: “Quibi conceived as a modern premium mobile service, so as a partner, perfect for us T-Mobile, with their impressive coverage of communications and development strategy in the format of 5G”.

The head of T-Mobile John Ledger said: “Quibi and T-Mobile are close in spirit — we orientirueshsya to mobile format, breaking the stereotypes and offer audiences innovative product. Quibi will change the idea of what can be a mobile video service”.

It should be noted that the choice of Telecom partner was limited to Quibi two options — T-Mobile and Verizon, however the latter apparently prefers to avoid the risks, after failure of the mobile video service Go90, which has led to loss of hundreds of millions of dollars. Another American Telecom conglomerate AT&T supports the upcoming launch of video service HBO Max, the catalog of which will be premium content from WarnerMedia. At the moment T-Mobile is seeking permission to takeover the company Sprint that is opposed by the Prosecutor General’s office of several States.

Headquarters Quibi located in Los Angeles, the platform has managed to attract $1 billion investment from companies such as Disney, WarnerMedia, Viacom, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Alibaba Group and owned by Katzenberg investment holding WndrCo.

Directors and scriptwriters products Quibi has agreed to be recognized by such movie stars as Guillermo del Toro, Antoine Fuqua, Steven Spielberg, Sam Raimi, Jason Blum, Steven Soderbergh, Trevor Noah, Katherine Hardwick, Anna Kendrick, Doug Lyman and Peter Farrelly. In addition to gaming and non-gaming copyright content on Quibi you will find daily news programs Daily Essentials, media partners will deliver NBC News, BBC Global News, CBS, ESPN, TMZ, Telemundo, the Weather Channel, Entertainment Weekly, Hearst and others.

Katzenberg claims that he groped with an unusual format Quibi a unique niche, and isn’t afraid to play on the field with the big players such as Disney, Apple, WarnerMedia and NBCU launching a new streaming platform in the near future. Still career Katzenberg was brilliant, he recently successfully sold the Studio DreamWorks Animation (where he was CEO) company Comcast — however, there is no ironclad guarantee that Quibi will not repeat the failure of the aforementioned Go90 or other similar project, Vessel that attempted to run the former head of Hulu Jason Kilar.

According to Whitman, in the first year Quibi plans to spend about $1.1 billion on content — about 7 thousand short episodes of TV series and TV shows. To reach the payback, the platform needed an additional $500 million Earlier it became known that the company managed to raise $100 million from the budget for future advertisers, including such brands as Google and P&G, thus covering two thirds of the annual plan for the sale of advertising.

SOURCE: Variety

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