On the Siberian IT forum said that the second founder of Apple Steve Wozniak uses a mobile app that was developed by the Omsk.

In the business program of the IT-forum President of NP “it Cluster of Siberia” Alexander Timofeev told that the second founder of Apple Steve Wozniak uses a mobile app, which is designed by Omsk experts.

The app was created Crystalnix, it is designed for server administration.

In addition to Steve Wozniak it in General is used by many programmers in the world. Very often, downloading it, they put the development of the rating five stars maximum.

About using this app Timofeichev announced to show in General that the development of Omsk specialists differ abroad.

The forum on 8-9 February worked 12 sections, from the “Digital city” and “Internet marketing” to the discussion of “Digital transformation processes management” and the conference of asdg on the development and implementation of the digital economy in the draft of the municipal service. By the way, the initiative of holding the conference asdg projects about municipal services showed the mayor of Omsk Oksana Fadina on the forum this event was held for the first time.

Author: Anfisa Pushkin

Photo: from open sources

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