In my channel Telegram Pavel Durov commented on the new privacy Policy of the messenger, which authorizes intelligence information about terrorists.

According to Durov, the new privacy Policy was created to comply with European legislation and to stop the distribution of terrorist propaganda via Telegram.

To this policy we reserve the right to transfer the IP address and the phone number of terrorists to the relevant services by the court. Regardless of whether we ever exercise this right, this should make Telegram a less attractive platform for those who is engaged in the distribution of terrorist propaganda.

Durov also said that in Russia the messenger is unlikely to unlock. First, because Telegram will not disclose the correspondence of all users, as it wants the FSB. Second, because the new privacy Policy does not involve cooperation with the Russian special services.

Telegram in Russia is outside the law; daily blocked hundreds of IP addresses in an attempt to prevent access to the service. In this regard, any appeal from the Russian services, we do not consider, and our privacy policy does not apply to the situation in Russia.

August 28, Telegram updated its privacy Policy. There is a rule that allows Telegram to give the IP address and phone number for special services by the court.


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