Users are satisfied with the speed of older smartphones.

Old iPhone updated to iOS 12, received a “second wind”. The performance of most of the iPhone’s previous generations is so good that customers question the need for their replacement.

According to the owners of the iPhone in the massive discussion on Reddit, their smartphones work so well that many just do not see the point in moving to the iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR. User under the name cjohn4043 noted that the iPhone 7 Plus just “flying” after upgrading to iOS 12.

“The performance of the smartphone has increased significantly compared to iOS 11! It makes you think about buying iPhone XS, which was made a pre-order,” wrote the user.

Similar comments and leave other iPhone owners. They claim that iOS 12 greatly improved the devices of the previous generations to buy a new iPhone does not make much sense. In the discussion involved at least several thousands of iPhone owners that has left more than 500 comments and 1,200 votes.

These thoughts Apple fans are playing not on hand Apple, which is interested in updating an old iPhone to a more modern. The normal life cycle of the device is two to three years, after which the smartphone is changing for a new one. This year, however, Apple actually increased it to four to five years, allowing the “old man” iPhone 5s updated to iOS 12.

Source: Reddit


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