In the latest version of the iOS operating system introduced more than 400 new Emoji, and some of them are focused around the theme of inclusion. For example, the developers offered a greater choice of skin colors, gender-neutral characters and a larger variety of Emoji with couples holding hands. Also, there’s an Emoji to refer to people in wheelchairs, deaf and blind people.

Left and more traditional new emojis of food (e.g. falafel), animals, including guide dog and sloth, as well as a few specific characters. One of them was a drop of blood, which, by design Unicode organization, the need to help people to overcome the stigma of menstruation and cease to be afraid or ashamed to talk about it. Unicode is responsible for the way what are Emoji are produced on all platforms including Apple products, Android devices and computers.

In 2015, Instagram has deleted from the profile of the canadian artist Rupee Kaur a photo of the girl with traces of menstrual blood on the bed for “violating company policies”. The picture was part of a photo project dedicated to the female body. The story received public attention, and the moderator apologized to Kapoor and restored the publication.

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