While Apple has not yet unveiled its new mobile device. However, the authors of the publication DigiTimes citing informed sources from the supply chain reported that Apple smartphones Apple chips A12 in its performance will surpass almost all the competitors.

Earlier journalists resource Macworld wrote that the new Apple mobile processors, which are produced for 7-nm process will be about 20-30% faster than their predecessors.

As for the chips from Qualcomm and MediaTek, according to DigiTimes source, in terms of performance they will lose to Apple’s solution. In addition, competitors must provide their processors made for 7-nm process, only next year.

The only closest competitor to Apple A12 can become Kirin 980 from the company Huawei. It is expected that this chip will be installed in the smartphone 20 and Mate Mate Pro 20, that a Chinese manufacturer will present on 16 October.


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