NEW YORK, November 25. /TASS/. The development kit software One Audience (“UAN odiens”) could access unauthorized access to personal data of users of “Twitter” (Twitter) and Facebook (Facebook). This was announced on Monday, the broadcasting company of si-EN-bi-si with reference to experts in the field of computer security.

According to the broadcaster, the vulnerable could be e-mail addresses and the last message in the “Twitter” users who have used your account to download some apps for the Android mobile operating system, in particular the Giant Square and Photofy.

“We believe it is important that users had the information that this possibility exists and to assess the applications they use”, — gave the broadcaster the words of the representative of Twitter Lindsay McCollum. Twitter will notify users, which could affect the identified vulnerabilities and has already notified the company “Google” (Google) and Apple (Apple) so that they could take the appropriate action on their part.

In addition, according to the broadcaster, the representative of “Facebook” have informed that “two unreliable party” — One Audience and Mobiburn (the”Mobilearn”) — paid for the use of such kits the development of malicious software while creating some applications. “After the investigation we have removed these apps from our platform for violation of rules and sent notifications One Audience and Mobiburn to immediately stop these activities”, — gave the broadcaster an excerpt from the statement of the representative of “Facebook”.

The notification of identified vulnerabilities was made in a time when regulators, legislators and users require “Facebook”, “Twitter” and “Google” strengthened attention to the protection of personal data, said the broadcasting company of si-EN-bi-si. This problem has acquired special urgency after March 2018, it became known that the British company Cambridge Analytica (“Cambridge Analytica”) was able to collect personal information about 87 million users of Facebook to develop an algorithm for analysis of political preferences of voters.

As told to former employees of the organization created by the algorithm facilitates the users mailing political advertising to influence their choice.

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