Neither the IPhone, nor Xiaomi.

Not the first year it is known that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin does not use smartphones. The President himself has repeatedly stated that he simply does not have the need. Today, Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told more about why the head of the country enjoys not only smartphones, but also ordinary mobile phones.

Is there a smartphone Putin

Peskov said that when a person uses the smartphone, he “knowingly puts a check on what he is willing to put everything on public display”. According to a spokesperson, “using a smartphone is a voluntary exhibitionism, total transparency”.

For this reason, Putin does not use smartphones. “This should not be the President, especially in a country like Russia. And such a President as Putin,” said Peskov.

Note that the President of the United States Donald trump, on the contrary, cannot do without the use of the iPhone. According to the latest information, trump three iPhone, and one of them used by the President to send daily messages on Twitter, has no security settings.

Source: TASS.


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