Some time ago a senior Vice President of Apple marketing Phil Schiller talked to the authors of the famous online Engаdget. In an interview with the top Manager explained why the company decided to call its new 6.1-inch smartphone, iPhone Xr and what exactly does the letter “R”.

Today in the network there are at least a few assumptions about what does the letter “R” in the iPhone name Xr. One of the most popular versions, the cupertinos have added it to the name of the new device to show that the new product is “worth” slightly below new flagship. On this hint, the “R” in the alphabet – “S”.

However, according to Schiller, the letter “R”is not encrypted, nothing special. It’s just the index that allows to distinguish one iPhone model from another. Approximately by the same principle the company always acted. Schiller recalled that earlier, the cupertinos have repeatedly stated the new models with the letter “S” so they just separated the new from the old machine. But there were exceptions. For example, in the case of iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS additional letter in the name indicates the speed (Speed).


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