Researchers from Akamai warn about the interesting features of a commercial kit for phishing 16Shop. It was discovered a backdoor that is designed to attack Apple users.

The report found a backdoor code published in the blog Akamai researcher Amiram Cohen. Cohen writes the following:

“As for attacks on Apple users, 16Shop can extract personal and financial information. Initially this set for phish thought for those who can afford it. Consequently, users of Apple products fall into this category of citizens”.

“Embedded in 16Shop backdoor transmit the extracted information about users in a special Telegram channel”.

According to the study, phishing 16Shop set is a complex tool which is not only offensive mechanism, but with layers of protection. While 16Shop able to adapt to the user’s device — both mobile and desktop.

According to Cohen, with the creation of this set phishing is a citizen of Indonesia, with a decent skill level. Detailed analysis of backdoor 16Shop and the expert has published at this link.

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