The delivery of the new iPhone will be poorer than that of Apple’s previous two generations. This is evidenced by the photos, which allegedly depicted the parts of the packaging apparatus of the 2018 model year, whose official release is expected next Wednesday, September 12.

According to the description supplied, the new iPhone will be the first devices since the iPhone 7 without adapter with Lightning-to-mini Jack. Obviously, Apple felt that two years is more than enough so that consumers completely used to the concept of “no wires”.

That Apple may abandon iPhone picking 2018 adapter, it became known a few months ago. As reported by analysts at Barclay’s, the majority of consumers appreciated the benefits of wireless headphones, and therefore, safer will react to the disappearance of the dongle.

Adapter — the most popular Apple product?

However, practice shows that iPhone owners are still in need of the headphone Jack. Many of them, according to Best Buy, regularly support the demand for the adapter with a Lightning to 3.5 mm than confirm that the wireless concept is far not for all.

Memory iPhone XS

In addition to the narrowing of the supplied images confirm the names of the future devices — iPhone XS, — as well as variations built-in store. If you believe the photos in the lineup, Apple will remain the model on 64 and 256 GB. References to 512 GB version no.


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