6.1-inch iPhone will indeed be released under the name iPhone 9 in five color variations. At this point to pictures allegedly showing the official Apple website with the new models of smartphones, shared by the journalists SlashLeaks.

The leak confirms the predictions of industry analysts, predicted a 6.1-inch device orange, blue and red variations, in addition to white and dark gray, and a single main camera module and the exterior rear panel, characteristic for last years iPhone 8.

iPhone Plus XS

Another picture also is not a revelation, though, and points to the emergence in the lineup the Apple a 6.5-inch smartphone. He is to be the top device that offers not only the greatest diagonal display, but higher resolution.

Updated iPhone 7

The only “dark” horse of the second picture is the first unit to the left. It’s possible that it updated the iPhone 7, the mention of which contained in a database development environment for Xcode. The smartphone should maintain the appearance of the original, with only the overclocked memory.


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