My name is Stas Goldenshluger, along with my friend Dima Sokolov five years ago founded the Alef Development. Know how to develop websites, mobile applications and chat-bots.

The article will talk about what the audience likes chat-bots and why they do not always work to sell. In addition to my words — comments Alexey Gurulev, head of sales Department

What is chat-bot
There are two types of chat-bots. Some understand text messages. Others respond only to a pre-defined programmers of the team.

This article is about the second category. Communication with such chat-bots constructed by the algorithm, which can be compared with the script of the sales Manager.

In any instant messengers you can make a chat bot

WhatsApp the most popular messenger in Russia. To create a chat bot, it is possible, but you need to query the API. It is given not to all.

The second most popular instant messenger among Russian users — Viber. Previously, they were given access to the development of chat-bots, but not now.

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With other instant messengers, everything is much simpler — in Vkontakte, Telegram, Skype, Facebook and “Classmates” barriers to create chat-bots no.

Why chat bot is impossible to sell

Messenger the customer’s attention to draw easier than a cold email or advertising. Looking for a developer who can make a bot on multiple platforms. So you will cover all the social networks where your customer is.

Chat-bot simplifies the process of selection: sets the client questions one-by-one pre-planned logic, querying in response to a click on the button, number, or word. Actually, you are programming a chat bot script sales.

The chat-bot can consult with clients and accept orders round the clock. He will answer faster than the customer decide to leave to competitors.

Alexei Gorulev: “to Load an existing database of clients in the chat bot will not work. But is the client to communicate with the bot, its contact remains in the system. Chat bots otkryvaete the message reaches 70-90%, in contrast to emails, which often ends up in spam.

The messenger — the personal space of the client to communicate with friends and colleagues. Annoying messages is not necessary. Actively with customers through chat-bot communicates delivery service-Grow Food — collecting the feedback and asks for new orders.”

The chat bot has a phenomenal memory. Continue shopping messenger, you can with exactly where it ended a month or a year ago.

As the bot is messenger will sell

Chat-bot is the prototype of the automated sales funnel: I will ask the client what he needs, collect data, and then send a link for payment. In Telegram you can make a payment inside instant messenger Apple Pay is enough to put a finger on Touch ID. Other instant messengers carried out the payment with the “ROBOKASSA” or “Yandex. Cash” from an external link.

Alexei Gorulev: “Chat-bots are popular for ordering food and tickets. In the Russian market is equal to the chat-bot Aviasales. Put the dates of your trip and the country, and bot reports about discount offers”.

When the bot doesn’t work

Chat-bots carried away by companies that sell goods and services, but to completely abandon the sales Department or site they failed.

If your client does not use the instant messenger, the chat-bot is not necessary. CA 36-40 years older than better to send to the site and to involve the sales Manager.

Alexei Gorulev: “Now the popular theory of generations XYZ. X — clients of 36-55 years, Y 15-36, and Z is less than 15 years. The solvent and adapted to social networks and instant messengers is “ys”. Zeta will soon grow up and will be ready to buy through chat-bots.

To the usual is they have immunity. They used to consume information quickly and reading the text on the landing page prefer short messages in messenger. But the “x”, for example, parents who choose a trip for a child will not appreciate the chat bot. Closer to them personal advice.”

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If the client is not sure he wants to buy, it is better to send it in bot, and colorful landing page.

Alexei Gorulev: “Chat-bot suitable for sales to regular customers who already know what they want, and I want to make an order quickly. This is a story about regular purchases like “to order a water bottle for the cooler” or “to order “Burger king””.

If the purchase is expensive, the chat-bot will help choose a product and close the deal the sales Manager.

Alexei Gorulev: “ the average bill for a course at a language school $2 thousand. Before payment, the client always wants to make sure that the company exists, it will not be deceived, the trip will take place. The bot will be able to find a school, but the task is to reassure the client lies on the shoulders of the sales Manager.

Optimally before major product to offer something for a small cost, up to 5 thousand rubles. Such purchase, the customer is ready to make a chat bot without further consultation. In our case, visa services and online courses.“

If the customer is unhappy with the product or service, in addition to solving problems, it is important to have emotional support. Here is the chat-bot can never replace a conversation with the Manager.

Advice to the owners of chat-bots

Even if in theory the business and the chat-bot is compatible on the audience and type of goods, this channel may not sell. Below a check-list to verify before starting.

Make sure that the chatbot welcomed the user and addressed to “you.” “You” could only apply to generation Z.

Tell the client that “other side” of the screen, not the Manager, and the program.

Please indicate the main “skills” of the bot, as did “Coswell”.

Make the logic so that bot did the selection of the goods as accurately as possible. If a client gets a list instead of a specific version — it will be hard to select the messenger.

Alexei Gorulev: “Generic answers will clearly cause the cancellation of the purchase via instant messenger. The bot needs based on several criteria point to choose a customer option for their needs. We plan to pick up a client a language school such as the budget, the duration of study, the previous trip and the start date.

The chat-bot will gather contacts, make a cost calculation and submit the proposal to the client in messenger and mail. Then connect the sales Manager and close the deal.“

You can’t leave the command client without an answer, the user should guess, what he should do next. If the chat bot takes a while to reply — tell the client.

Give the user the ability to return to the main menu or a couple of steps back to change the answer.

Before paying summarize: “You ordered five purple refrigerators with DHL shipping to Salehard SGO Luis, all right?”.

Test chat bot before starting. This will help regular customers of the company. Offer a discount because they will use a chat bot and give feedback.

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