This will not be soon, but the plans are impressive.

Samsung executives said that in the future the company may issue folding smartphone. According to representatives of Samsung, the development of technology now allows to think about a completely new form factors of smartphones, which can become major in the foreseeable future.

About the plans of Samsung to release an unusual folding smartphone company executives said at a special press event during the exhibition MWC 2019. The event was dedicated to the first foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold, but the company representatives answered questions about future smartphones.

Samsung admitted that the company is enthusiastically looking to use their latest technology in smartphones. A number of technologies can allow the company to create a collapsible smartphone. The original device has ceased to be beyond the possible, said Samsung.

No specific plans to launch a folding smartphone Samsung did not disclose. It is assumed that at the moment the smartphone project is in the planning stage. However, in the next few years we should expect from Samsung even more unconventional smartphones.

Source: Samsung.


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