Speech, especially those associated with technologies becoming obsolete almost immediately after airing. There are new gadgets and things that were once interesting become boring. But to this rule there are exceptions — podcasts, the value of which in analytic information. One of them is Hypercritical with Dan Benjamin and John Siracusa.

A brief history of the podcast

John of Syracuse (John Siracusa) — a prominent figure in the online community of fans of Apple. He was born in 1974 in the state of new York, and from childhood dreamed of becoming an artist. Parents encouraged his fascination, with the result that John took up an academic figure.

As a teenager he changed his plans for the future and realized that his success in the art business — not the result of creative talent and a sign of an analytical mind. He was just easy to break the pattern is to divide complex objects into their components.

Then he focused his attention on the development of critical thinking skills and consider a career of an engineer. At that time John was already familiar with computers when he was nine, his family purchased an original Macintosh. Home Mac admired John as primarily a triumph of engineering. And he realized that he needed to develop in the field of IT.

John Of Syracuse. Source

In 1997, he graduated with honors from Boston University and got a job as a programmer. But, just work with enterprises software it was not enough. Therefore, in parallel with the main work, he began to write articles for the still-young journal Ars Technica.

Volume reviews new versions of the macOS, in which John analyzed the decisions of Apple, became his “calling card”. He produced every year for 15 years — from 1999 to 2014. And because of them, John has gained a reputation as one of the most authoritative experts in the world of Apple.

In 2005 John launched a personal blog called FatBits, to share things that are not suitable for the format of his main column. In 2006 and 2007 for two consecutive years — it was included in the list of the 25 most influential people in the Apple community according to then popular website MacTech.

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At about the same time gained popularity the blog of Dan Benjamin and his 5by5 podcastinga platform. One of his first projects was an interview with Gabe Newell of Valve and John Siracusa. This project like all participants, after which Dan and John have launched a joint transmission.

What is the essence of the podcast, and why listen to him

Podcast an attractive long debates which lead to perform detailed analysis of technology products. Openly criticized everything from the external design of the device and ease of use to the principles of their functioning.

John is well versed in design and in the technical side of things. He often starts talking about the features of design and Assembly of iron, and then argues in favor of (or against) taken by the manufacturer solutions.

Typically, the releases begin with the responses to the criticism addressed to their previous discussions. Moreover, some of the topics John is able to parse the clock — so podcasts are usually long. Dan plays the role of a moderator leads the conversation to a constructive resolution.

Listening to Hypercritical, you can really learn how to think like an engineer. However, people who such thinking is alien, a podcast may seem rather boring.

Where to start

At the moment, there was 100 editions of the podcast and new release no plans. This means that you can listen to them at your own pace without fear of “lag”.

Here are some of the issues that I personally find most interesting

Issue 18: Worse and More Diverse

How much do you know about toasters? John of Syracuse will surprise you with a number of nuances that need to be considered when choosing this device and I’ll tell you why he is unhappy 99% of the existing market models.

After the episode, John has become known as a true expert in this field. A few years later, in another podcast, he even released a detailed review of several popular models with the financial support of the game Cards Against Humanity.

Issues 42-43: The Wrong Guy / The Scorpion and the Frog

John does not hide his love for Steve jobs. Early childhood jobs was his idol and role model. Therefore, the death of the founder of Apple was an important event in the life of podcaster.

When 19 days after the death of Steve jobs appeared on the shelves of his official biography, John was glad to read it — but the book was a disappointment. For nearly three hours, he criticizes the author’s approach to jobs and argues in favor of another view of life superstars of Silicon valley.

Similar transmission

The Incomparable

A podcast about pop culture, which leads a veteran Apple-blogosphere Jason Snell (Jason Snell). John of Syracuse often joins Jason as a guest. If you are interested in the views of John about the movie and TV series you will enjoy this podcast. In the latest issue of his participation leading spent hours talking about the trailer for the new Star Wars and the future of the franchise.

Reconcilable Differences

The joint work of Merlin’s Back To Work and Roderick On The Line and John Siracusa. Two knew for a long time — since the end of zero, both wrote articles for Macworld. This kind of “spiritual successor” Hypercritical leading also able to spend hours negotiating seemingly simple things — for example, refrigerators.

Accidental Tech Podcast

One of the most popular podcasts about news from the world of Apple. Grew out of a podcast about cars, which John led together with one of the founders of Tumblr, Marco Arment (Marco Arment) and NET-programmer Casey Liss. If other podcasts, the voice of John — the loud, here he found colleagues of equal faith in his own rightness.

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