Russia is trying to catch the world fashion at podcasts. Projects in this format is relatively inexpensive to manufacture and assemble 10-20 thousand of auditions for the release. For this audience are already willing to pay large advertisers, and perhaps this format will take the budgets at the falling of the advertising market on radio, writes “Kommersant”.

In Russia, interest in podcasts began 15 years ago when there was a project of radio and TV presenter Vasily Strelnikov and partners platform where you can upload your podcasts and listen to other people’s. However, these projects did not live up to the new boom. In 2019 this format has regained enormous popularity. According to Strelnikova, it’s a format that fits the trend to personalization in the media: everyone can listen to something interesting, from a five-hour DJ sets to political discussions.

Studies that have reliably evaluated the market volume of podcasts in Russia and their audience yet. Major platforms, including Google and Apple, also do not hurry to call out the numbers. In “Vkontakte” running the service “Podcasts” in September 2018, is now about 2 thousand podcasters who recorded more than 50 thousand episodes, told in the company, without mentioning absolute figures on audience. On “Yandex. Music” where podcasts appeared in December 2018, is now more than 1.1 thousand of their names, less than a year, listened to podcasts at least once about 1 million people, the audience is growing, they say in the service.

Market participants expect to increase audience several times. In addition to the subscribers of podcast apps have a “sizable” audience of the websites of radio stations that you listen to broadcasts and posted on the website, she’s already used to consume audio on demand, but doesn’t know about podcasts, including the next year the size of the audience of podcasts in Russia at least double, predicts the founder of the Studio producing podcasts “Either / or” Lika Kremer.

American companies, according to research by IAB and PwC, spending on advertising in podcasts about $500 million a year, the Russian figures are much more modest, perhaps ten times less, is recognized by market participants. A large part of the income of Russian podcast projects bring the integration of advertising and sponsorship. According to the interviewed market participants, prices for ad integration are from 1 to 5. for listening, the prices for sponsorship have not yet been established.

Some expect that the podcast project will be able to attract part of the advertisers now advertise on traditional radio. In the next two to three years, the market for podcasts has the potential “bite” of about 4% of the market radio, and continue to grow at 10-20% annually, says Lika Kremer. The head of “GPM” Radio (“Autoradio” “Radio Energy”, etc.) Yuri Kostin sure that the radio station will be able to produce podcasts and to increase advertising sales at the expense of such additional audioservice.

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