Recent years, facial recognition technology became widespread in the work of law enforcement. So, the same creators FindFace website, which you can use to find any user Vkontakte with just a picture, now cooperating with the government of Moscow on the part of surveillance of citizens.

British guards also do not disdain to use facial recognition technology in the search for criminals among ordinary citizens. Although their technology is somehow crooked. So, according to the data obtained at the University of Essex in the hands of British police technology makes an error detection of criminals 4 times out of 5, choosing completely innocent people. In the end, was made a disappointing conclusion: if you file a lawsuit for the accusations based on this technology, the case is likely to win.

In recent years more and more tech giants have clearly expressed their concerns about the widespread use of face recognition technology. Microsoft openly States its desire for the proper regulation of this sector, while Google and Apple are expressing similar concerns. As shown by the report of the British scientists, the technology is still a long way to go before it can be considered truly reliable.

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