The famous “fringe” iPhone X has become a new trend in the mobile industry. Edition MacDigger tried to imagine what will be the next iconic design element for future generations of smartphones.

iPhone X with a proprietary ledge under the front camera made a lot of noise. He was ridiculed, hated, but in the end copied by almost all manufacturers of smartphones.

Now, many companies began to think, how to make your own gadgets recognizable and memorable. For example, Vivo introduced the Nex with leaving the front-facing camera. LG and Samsung to develop smartphones, adorned with five lenses, and the American company Light and does intends to place on the back panel of one of their phones from nine cameras.

Vivo and Samsung also decided to rework the fingerprint scanners and optical fingerprint created elements. Most likely in 2019, the Korean manufacturer will introduce several smartphones with similar technology.

What else can you change in the appearance of the gadgets? Proportion? To refuse the speakers controls? To do an additional screen and move it in an unexpected place?


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